The science of GRAPHOANALYSIS is the study of the individual strokes of handwriting to determine character and
   personality of the writer. Your handwriting is your BRAIN PRINT. No two people on earth have the exact same
   handwriting.   Your character and personality traits come from your mind, go through your nervous system and
   come out in your handwriting.

   GRAPHOANALYSIS can help you get a better understanding of yourself. Everybody has personality traits that they
   don't know about or subconsciously ignore. Knowing your strong points and your weaknesses can help to make the
   future happier and more successful.

   GRAPHOANALYSIS is now being used throughout the World for business reasons. Over 4000 large companies in the
   United States and over 80% of the major firms in Europe use Handwriting Analysis for personnel selection. In
   addition to integrity screening (looking for potential thieves etc.), employers are able to match the personality
   with the appropriate job position. Handwriting experts are used to validate Wills, legal documents, and in
   forgery cases. They are also used to help solve crimes like the Ramsey murder and the Anthrax Letters. More and
   more Doctors and Teachers are using Graphoanalysis to better understand the people they are trying to help.

   It goes without saying that nearly everyone can be happier and more effective in their relations with others if theyt
   have a better understanding of human nature. Graphoanalysis can bring you this better understanding of people.

   My name is Jerry D. Petersen and I have been a   Certified Graphoanalyst  since completing the General Course
   from the International Graphoanalysis Society in 1971. Please   contact me    if your want more information about
   Handwriting Analysis.