Here is how we are going to do it:
- Get a pen and piece of blank unlined paper.
- Write (don't print) the following sentence on the paper and sign your name:
    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back
- Look at your writing and answer the following questions:
    (Select the answer(s) that best describes your writing)
- Click on RESET to get clear all of your answers.

1. Location of sentence on the paper?

 More toward the top   Toward the bottom   Toward the Left   Toward the right   Kind of in the middle

2. The general slant of the upstrokes within your writing?

 Toward the left   Straight up and down   A little bit to the right   A lot to the right

3. Heaviness (or pressure) of your writing?

 Light   Medium   Heavy   Very Heavy

4. Shape of the m's, n's, and r's? (Check all that apply)

 Top of m's and n's are rounded 
 Top of m's and n's are inverted 'v' shaped - "^" 
 Bottom of m's and n's are 'v' shaped 
 Top of m's, n's, or r's are needle pointed 
 Top of r's are flat

5. What is the overall size of your writing?

 Small   Medium   Large   Very large

6. Size of lower loops (except for the 'p')?

 No lower loops   Small   Medium   Large

7. Size of upper loops?

 No upper loops   Small   Medium   Large

8. Position of 't' crossing on the stem?

 Above the stem   Top of stem   Upper half   Middle to low

9. Slant of 't' crossing?

 Up to the right   Level   Down to the right   No 't' crossings

10. Length of the 't' crossing?

 Short   Medium   Long   Very long

11. End of word strokes?

 Sweeping up   Straight angled up   Straight out or down   No ending strokes   Small hooks

12. Width of little o's, e's, and a's?

 Very narrow   Small to Medium   Medium to Large   Very wide

13. What does the little dot on i's and j's look like?

 Nice little dot   Jab stroke   Little letter 'o' or other shapes   No dot

14. What does the top of the little o's and a's look like?

 Little loop(s) or tie stroke   Open at the top   No space   Too narrow to tell

15. Upper and lower loops on the little 'f'?

 Top loop is bigger   Bottom loop is bigger   Loops are about equal size   No loops

16. Size of capital letters in relationship to the rest of the writing?

 Much bigger   Bigger   Same size   Smaller

17. Beginning of words stroke?

 Short jab stroke   Initial flourish   Straight line   No stroke   Small hooks

18. Size of loop on the stem of t's and d's?

 No loop   Small   Medium   Large

19. Size of your signature compared to the regular writing?

 Smaller   About the same size   Larger   Much larger

20. What does your signature look like?

 Contains flourishes   Same as my regular writing   Has underline(s)   Messy - Can't read it

21. Length of the d-stem?

 Very short   Same as other up strokes   Taller than other up strokes   Much taller than other up strokes

22. The general slant of your writing?

 Goes up to the right   Straight across   Goes down to the right   Goes up and down (Variable)

23. Size of lower loop on the letter 'p'?

 Small   Medium   Large   No loop

24. Are there line breaks within words?

 None   Some breakss   Frequent breaks   Can't tell

25. Last question. What is the general appearance of your writing?

 Neat and very readable   It's readable   A little messy   It's a big mess - can't read it