Over 6000 U.S. businesses depend on Handwriting Analysis to help them select the right employee.

Every hiring mistake can cost many thousands of dollars and contribute to poor moral or bad

feelings among employees. I have written a computer program that takes my analysis data and

generates Character Traits, Job Match and Summary Reports.  Click below to view sample reports.

Character and Personality Report

Job Match Report

Character and Job Match Summary


Knowing the character of your employees can be a valuable tool in determining the right employee

for the job. Handwriting Analysis promises a fast, accurate and "cheat-proof" method to determine

character and personality. Since the polygraph was virtually outlawed Handwriting Analysis has

moved to the #1 screening method to help select employees. I can not only determine if the

personality fits the job, but can also determine such personality traits as honesty, enthusiasm,

persistence, loyalty and many others. My computer program is an excellent method to pre-screen

prospective employees at a fraction of the cost of personal interviews. The reports chart the

personality of the employee and highlights his weaknesses and strengths, including those traits

which might be disruptive or dangerous to other employees.


The advantage of matching the right type of person with a specific job is not only cost saving to the

employer, but beneficial to the employee. Frequent staff replacement and training is both costly and

counterproductive, no matter how large or small the company. The employee who loses the job

because he/she is not the right fit will be discouraged and loss of work and income is again

counter-productive here as well.


Certain positions require a special degree of discretion, honesty and confidentiality. Some positions

require individuals to handle large sums of money and cash. Further insight into the character of an

individual may result in additional supervision and/or audits.


Handwriting Analysis is at present a legal method of screening in all 50 states. Handwriting Analysis

is non-discriminatory as the analyst cannot determine sex, race, religion or even most disabilities.

The analyst need never see the person being analyzed.