High School Yearbook Pictures of Best Friends and Me

Lew Deveraux

Benny Hullinger

Jerry Petersen

Everyone on Pleasant Grove High School and University of Utah Basketball Team were friends
Joe Morton (number 4) and Allen Holmes (number 10) were Roommates in College

1958 Pleasant Grove High School Team (I'm #44)

1960-1961 University of Utah Team (I'm #13)

During my years at the University of Utah (1958-1961) and the US Navy (1961-1966), I didn't take many pictures
My best friend in the Navy was a guy named Bill Connelly while stationed at Rota, Spain (No picture) and he didn't play basketball

Lakehurst Naval Air Station Basketball Team (I'm #24)
My best friend on this team was named Butler and he is on my left

Albert Martinez
Best friend at Tooele Army Depot (1966-1970)
Pool playing partner to this day

Lew is the only friend from my hometown that I kept in touch with over the years

Lew is a Great Fisherman

Lew and I at our High School 50th Reunion

Took a job at Fort Shafter in Honolulu, Hawaii in June 1970
Some of my first friends were Dave/Emmy Pfannes and Andy/Judy Corbett

Dave and Emmy Pfannes
Good friends to this day

Andy and Judy Corbett
Sadly, Andy passed away a few years ago

Rick Firchau
Worked with Rick most of my Career
Go with Rick to UH Sports

Donald Chong
A very wise friend
Passed away at age 80 on 23 May 2007

Dave Tomooka
Work with and for Dave
for many years

Howard Andrus
Bowled, golfed, and went to UH sports
with Howard - Plus we had a few cold ones

Howard in Okinawa

Dave Millard
Work with and for Dave
Many fun TDYs

Fort Shafter co-workers and walking friends

Alisa Imamura

Debra Reynolds

My best Korean friends
Mr Son and Miss Kim (They are husband and wife) - We worked together, played Korean pool, and had a few drinks at the bars

A young Mr Son and Miss Kim

A older Mr Son and Miss Kim

Bowling Friends

Ace Parker and Me

Ace and Nancy Poor

Ace, Nancy, and Jerry
At a recent get together

WETSU Bowling Team
(From left: Aaron Nakamura, John Davy, Kazuko Kumia, Ace Parker, and me)
John Davy is another good friend of mine