Some Pictures of Me over the Years

Me as a BABY Me and my sister Linda
Is that an Army Hat? Standing on a pile of Coal
Linda, Me and our dog JACK School Pictures
High School Senior Yearbook Picture FEROCIOUS Football Player
My High School Basketball Team
UofU College Yearbook Picture UofU Basketball Picture
One of the few times I passed the ball My hook shot
UofU Press Guide
UofU Team
US Navy Lakehurst N.J. Basketball Team - Why am I the only one Sweating?
US Navy My Wedding Day
Family Picture at our Harding Ave. Home Picture taken in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah
Patsy and me at Flaming Gorge Recreation Area
My Pleasant Grove Utah Bedroom with some of my Trophies
Rick Firchau and me at Bellows Party
Me in my work space cubicle I'm not sleeping - I'm Thinking!
My favorite Commander was COL Leishman Winning some kind of award
Organization Day - Basketball
Organization Day - Table Tennis Organization Day - Pool
Organization Day - Volleyball Organization Day - Softball
With Whiskers At Bay View Golf Course
See Mike on the tree on the Alpine Loop in Utah
Senior Olympics - Basketball - 2003
Tailgating at Aloha Stadium - 2014 My New Truck - 2005
Fort Shafter - 2010 - ACENET Project Me on my 76th Birthday - 2016