Kayla (Mid-Pacific School Picture 2018)

Nick (Iolani School Picture 2018)

Mike and Family in Japan (March 2019)

Nick and Kayla in Japan (March 2019)

Kayla all dressed up

Nick the deer hunter

Apache Smiling in Front

Apache Helping Clean Pool

Playing in the Water

Apache taking a break at the park

Apache waiting in truck while I get the paper

Apache Relaxing on the Table

Apache with New Toy

Apache Playing in the Water

Apache Getting Wet

Apache running around in the yard

Apache on the bed in the Family Room

Apache seen though Family Room Glass Door

Apache and Toni on Christmas 2018

Halloween 2018

Apache Waiting at Dialysis Center

Apache Playing with New Toy

Thinking about pulling out a plant

Apache helping trim the Starfruit tree

Apache Playing with New Toy

Apache at the Beach

Apache's New Truck

Taking a Break by Golf Course on his Walk

Growling at Me

Hot Summer Day - Guarding


Apache at 11 Months

Apache Resting during Walk

Granddaughter Kayla with Apache

Grandson Nick and Apache in Patio

Nick and Apache by Pool

Son Mike and Apache

Apache with Tif - New Years day 2018

Daugther Tracy and Apache Playing

Daugther Toni and Apache trimming the Apple Tree

Toni and Apache cleaning the Planter

Apache 071718

Apache 071718

Watching Workers Fix the Pool

Apache at Wading Pool

Apache by Gate on 6/19/2018

Helping Pull Weeds in Planter

Apache - Pool Bank Cleared

Apache with New Ball

Come by UPS for his 9 Month Birthday

Apache 061118 Want to Play

Apache 061118 Grrr

Apache 061118 Grrr Grrr

Apache 061118 Want to Play

Apache - 6 May 2018 - 8 Months old

Apache - Mid-April 2018

Apache Playing with Toy

Apache Getting Ready to Attack

Apache Playing with Green Octopus

Apache getting a little sun

Apache at the Dump

Apache at the Dump

Puppy Reunion on 12 Jan 2018
Breeder Brenda's daugthers and Marlin
with Apache (middle) and two brothers

Apache on his first walk
This picture is taken by the Golf Course

Apache Playing with Toy

Playing with toy good for teeth

Guarding with Tennis Ball

Apache at 5 months

Apache's first friend

Apache on 22 Dec 2017

Apache on 26 Dec 2017

Apache on 24 Dec 2017

The Father

(Our new puppy)

The Mother


Monty - 11 May 2011 ~ 9 September 2017 (Age 6)

Patti - 29 July 2012 ~ 7 August 2017 (age 5)

Kudo - (2000~2010 - Age 10)