Golf Clubhouse Crime

Five men, whose names are Bob Edison, Tom Stevenson, Marty Brown, Jim Davis, and John Alberts were being questioned by the police for a crime committed in their local golf clubhouse.

Other detectives have already investigated, they have questioned the suspects, the witnesses, and people who know the suspects and they have collected physical evidence from the crime scene. They have collected the following 15 clues, but have not been able to solve the crime. Therefore, they have called in the world's greatest detective: YOU, who must now examine the clues and solve the crime for them and find the culprit.

1. No two suspects have the same hair color, weight, height, wife's first name, or color shoes.
2. The suspect who has red hair weighs 140 pounds.
3. Bob Edison is 5 feet 3 inches tall.
4. The culprit has a wife named Mary.
5. The suspect who weighs 150 pounds is not the one who is 5 feet 9 inches tall.
6. The suspect who has a wife named Pam is not the one who has blonde hair.
7. Jim Davis was wearing orange shoes.
8. John Alberts has black hair.
9. The suspect who has a wife named Betty weighs 200 pounds.
10. Tom Stevenson weighs 210 pounds.
11. The suspect who weighs 200 pounds has no hair.
12. The suspect who has a wife named Cathy weighs 140 pounds.
13. Marty Brown has brown hair.
14. The suspect who has black hair has a wife named Mary.
15. The suspect who has no hair is not the one who was wearing orange shoes.

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Numbers 1 thru 25 Puzzle

Draw a 25 square picture like the one above.

The object of the puzzle is to write the numbers 1 thru 25 in the squares so that they add up to the same total vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Hint: The total they will add up to is 65.

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Cheap Hotel - Missing Dollar Puzzle

Three men go to this cheap hotel. The manager tells them that there is only one room left. The three people share that room for thirty dollars so each person pays ten dollars. Later the manager found out that the room is only 25 dollars. He calls the bell boy and tells him to give 5 dollars back. The bell boy decides that since it is difficult to divide 5 dollars for 3 people, he would keep 2 dollars for himself and return 1 dollar to each person. So that means each person paid 9 dollars and the bell boy has the two dollars he kept. So, doing the math, that is 9 times 3 = $27 plus the bell boy's $2 dollars equals 29 dollars. Where is the extra dollar?

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